First-Time Snorkeling Tips for Beginners

First Time Snorkeling Tips for Beginners

Snorkeling is an exciting way to escape the everyday “above-water” routine of our daily lives. If you have no experience in diving or any water sport whatsoever, snorkeling is the best way to start! However, while snorkeling is a gratifying and relatively easy sport, without some basic skills and knowledge about the dangers of the ocean, a first-time snorkeling experience can become unpleasant and potentially dangerous. That’s why in today’s blog, we will cover first-time snorkeling tips for beginners.

Practice in a Pool or Shallow Waters

If you’ve never snorkeled before, it may be a good idea to practice snorkeling at a swimming pool. You want to get used to breathing through your snorkel. It takes a while to train your body to become comfortable breathing with your face in the water. The trick is to eliminate your tension and relax. If your mask leaks, adjust it to ensure it fits snugly (not too tight or loose). Practice purging your snorkel of water by blowing hard to eliminate the water out the top and out the bottom purge valve if you have one. Don’t forget to kick around during your practice session. Learning how to use your big leg muscles to propel yourself around with your fins will help you prepare for the actual snorkel experience.

Stay Relaxed and Prevent Exhaustion

A basic snorkeling tip to keep in mind at all times is to stay relaxed. Swim slowly and don’t overexert yourself. Swimming takes a good deal of energy. You can quickly burn yourself out if you’re not careful. Limit yourself to swimming at speeds that allow you to breathe slowly. Your snorkel limits your breath, so be sure to keep your activity level at a pace that does not cause heavy breathing.

Choose a Location with Calm Waters

Only go snorkeling if the waters are calm. This often means going early in the morning. Nothing ruins a first-time snorkeling experience more than waves. Waves (larger than 6 inches) cause many problems, such as:

  • It makes entering, exiting, and swimming in the water more dangerous
  • It makes using your equipment more difficult
  • It increases the effort needed for swimming
  • It reduces your underwater visibility
  • It can make you seasick

One of the top snorkeling spots you can choose is the La Jolla Ecological Reserve. This vast marine area is a wildlife refuge with tons of sea life. The waters are calm, making it an ideal place for beginners.

Don’t Go Alone

You should never go snorkeling alone—especially if you’re a beginner. You never know what issues you can encounter, including muscle cramps, leaky gear, or getting a panic attack. In order to make your first snorkeling experience memorable, you should probably opt for going with an experienced snorkel guide. At San Diego Scuba Guide, we offer snorkeling tours for beginners and pros alike. The snorkeling tour with San Diego Scuba Guide is everyone’s favorite because you don’t have to hold any certifications to participate; you just need to know how to swim. Our knowledgeable and experienced tour guide will show you the local snorkeling spots and tell you about the flora and fauna of the reserve. You will have the chance to swim with California sea lions, Garibaldi, bat rays, guitarfish, and, if you are lucky, even green sea turtles and dolphins! To book your snorkel tour, call or text (858) 397-8213 or click here.

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