La Jolla Cove

Do you want to go snorkeling or scuba diving the next time you’re in San Diego? At San Diego Scuba Guide, we provide fun and educational guided SCUBA and Snorkel tours in the San Diego area. La Jolla diving tops many vacations to-do lists and is a popular activity while visiting or living in San Diego. There is clear water visibility, gentle rolling waves, kelp beds, underwater caves, and an abundance of reserve-protected aquatic sea life which attracts scuba divers and snorkelers. Check out the 6 things to know before you go snorkeling in La Jolla!

1. You Never Know What You Might See

When you’re diving or snorkeling in La Jolla, you never know what you might witness while you’re in the water! During your adventure, you’ll often come face-to-face with colorful kelpfish, giant black sea bass, moray eels, stingrays, bat rays, leopard sharks, seven-gill sharks, horn sharks, and some of the largest lobsters you’ll ever see. You don’t want to miss out on swimming with these fantastic sea creatures, so book your snorkeling or diving tour today!

2. Snorkel Through Sea Caves

La Jolla is home to seven different sea caves! Clam Cave is the largest out of all the caves, located just offshore from Goldfish Point Cafe. When the tide is mellow and low, visitors can partake in snorkeling or even kayaking through it to the other side.

3. So Many Leopard Sharks!

When you snorkel or scuba dive in San Diego, you’re bound to run into a leopard shark. Between June and December, snorkelers can swim amongst the largest gathering of leopard sharks along the coast of California. If you want to witness thousands of leopard sharks in their natural habitat, reach out to San Diego Scuba Guide to book your next tour!

4. Explore One of The Regions Only Underwater Canyons

At La Jolla Cove, you can witness the deep and mesmerizing underwater canyons. At San Diego Scuba Guide, we offer different diving and snorkeling tours. The Canyon dive is loved for a chance to enjoy good visibility all year round. It is full of exciting encounters with amazing canyon creatures: octopuses, sheep crabs, lobsters, bat rays, nudibranchs, squid, and many more.

5. Snorkel at the Federally Protected La Jolla Ecological Reserve and Underwater Park

Protected since 1929, the La Jolla Cove Ecological Reserve is the oldest marine reserve in California. One of our San Diego Scuba Guide Snorkeling or SCUBA diving tours is an experience your family will remember forever. Your tour will be led by a certified NAUI Instructor trained in marine biology who will be answering all your questions about the history of the reserve and the marine life you will have the pleasure of swimming with.

6. Snorkel at the Secret Underwater Graveyard

You’ll want to know one crucial thing before you snorkel in San Diego: there is a secret underwater graveyard! Right past the coastline, about 100 yards out from the La Jolla Cove Bridge Club and about 35 feet underwater, lies a mysterious underwater memorial that is unofficially known as “Tombstones.” Although there are no bodies, since 1940 it has been a tradition to place markers for fallen free divers and locals.

Why Choose San Diego Scuba Guide

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced diver, when it comes to aquatic adventures, San Diego Scuba Guide offers the safest experience and most knowledgeable guidance throughout any tour. We conduct daily guided SCUBA and snorkel tours to the La Jolla kelp forest and sea caves. Read these 6 things to know before you go snorkeling in La Jolla before you snorkel with our diving instructors! To book an eco-conscious scuba or snorkel tour, give us a call at 1-858-397-8213 or go online to our website at

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