DIN and Yoke Regulators

The Difference Between DIN and Yoke Regulators

Are you planning on going scuba diving? Do you plan to bring your own equipment? A common question many people ask is, “What’s the difference between DIN and Yoke Regulators?” 

So what is the difference?

DIN Regulators

A DIN (Deutsche Industrie Norm) regulator screws into a tank valve. It does not have any other metal or braces behind the tank. The DIN system is superior to the yoke regulator; however, some people may prefer the yoke regulator depending on their preference.

You can tell if you’re using a DIN regulator if there is a visible o-ring inside the part attached to the tank.

Yoke Regulators

On the other hand, a yoke regulator fits over the top of the tank valve and clamps onto it with a large tightening screw, called the yoke screw. A yoke regulator is also known as an “A-Clamp regulator.”

To determine if you have a yoke regulator, simply look to see if you have a visible o-ring inside the regulator; if you don’t, then that means you have a yoke regulator.

Different Regulators Require Different Tanks

Both yoke and DIN regulators require different tanks. A yoke regulator uses a flat tank valve that has an o-ring, as we previously mentioned. As opposed to a DIN regulator, which uses a tank valve with a big threaded opening that allows the regulator to be screwed inside the tank.

O-Ring Locations Differ Too

Both regulators have an o-ring in different locations. Yoke regulators have the o-ring inside the tank valve. DIN regulators’ o-ring is incorporated into the regulator instead of the tank valve.

Yoke vs. DIN, Which is Better?

Since the o-ring is behind the DIN regulator post, it eliminates the chance of creating a dangerous situation. For example, the yoke regulator is easy to knock off the tank, which is almost impossible to do with the DIN regulator. DIN regulators generally weigh less and can also withstand higher pressure compared to yoke regulators, making the DIN regulator the superior option.

At San Diego Scuba Guide, we offer a DIN to yoke adapter if you have a DIN regulator, that way, you can experience the best of both worlds! We hope this blog helped better inform you of the difference between DIN and Yoke Regulators.

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Happy diving!

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