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La Jolla Among the Most Majestic Kelp Forest on Earth

Only minutes from San Diego, you can find the La Jolla kelp forest, which is among the most majestic giant kelp forest dives on earth. An immense diversity of sea life, both plant and animals, blossoms among the lavish underwater ecosystem, and kelp beds. The La Jolla kelp forest dive is known as a diver’s paradise because, in one single dive, you can encounter seals, turtles, sharks, and thousands of other sea life varieties in one spot. 

Fun fact: Did you know that kelp is one of the fastest-growing plants in the world? It grows about 2 feet a day on average and reaches a height of over 100 feet.  

Sea Life 

An astonishing amount of sea life resides in the kelp forest in La Jolla and the coast of San Diego. The kelp forest attracts many mammals for the delicious lunch options it offers. Mammals like sea lions, dolphins, and even whales visit the kelp forest for dining opportunities. The kelp forest isn’t just a food source, but it also serves as a shelter from weather such as storms, and it also protects sea life from their predators. 

Amazing Views 

During your kelp forest dive, when you look up, you will see sun rays filtered through the kelp umbrella, creating a majestic world of light and shadows. You can only get this amazing view from below the water. It is important to keep your eyes open during your kelp forest dive, because you might spot a big group of kelp bass, fish floating on the kelp forest leaves. There are many other species to be found on the kelp, those of which include the giant black sea bass, blue sharks, California barracuda, and tuna. 

Book a Tour 

Book a scuba tour with San Diego Scuba Guide and explore the kelp forest in La Jolla. During this adventure, you will encounter so much sea life as you dive into the ocean floor. Pay attention to the rocks; there is no doubt you will find aggregating or strawberry anemone, scallops, and red abalone. Peek through the rock piles, and you will be sure to find some spiny lobsters and octopi. On the rims, you may come face to face with horn sharks, guitarfishes, and bat rays! It is truly a once in a lifetime experience.

When you are headed back after your kelp dive and are near the top of the kelp forest, you might encounter smelt and pacific mackerel. Keep your camera ready for the friendly sea lions that will want to come to greet you! To observe these amazing creatures in their natural habitat, call (858) 397-8213 to reserve or book online. 

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