La Jolla Canyon Rated One of The Top Shore Dives in Southern California

San Diego Scuba Guide wants you to join them on a dive at the La Jolla Canyon. The La Jolla Canyon diving experience is rated one of the top shore dives in Southern California. It is an exciting and one of a kind shore dive, no matter if this is your first time there or 100th time. Divers will always experience something new, and the scenery is entirely different from day dive to night dive. There is an abundance of sea life unique to California. Since this is a preserved area, please be kind and do not disturb or remove sea life.

La Jolla Canyon, located at La Jolla Shores, has many highlights. You can see some amazing creatures that will potentially make your dive the best dive ever.  It does not matter if you are a novice or an expert. It is an incredible dive to start with and also exceptional to explore once you are an expert. San Diego Scuba Guide believes it is perfect for any level. It is also suitable for SCUBA Certification training dives, because it is very predictable and easy to control your depth. There is no need for a safety stop after a deep dive. You can just swim slowly back and go out of the water at the beach. Many of dive centers in San Diego teach their SCUBA certifications at La Jolla Shores.

The reason why divers get such diversity no matter how many times they have dived the area is that the walls of La Jolla Canyon are continuously reshaping. It is truly fascinating to see every time it happens. As you descend down the steps of the canyon, you will experience the sea life around you such as majestic bat rays, horn sharks and halibut who hang out on the shelves. You will be able to admire the school of baitfish, and along the way, you will be surprised with smaller rocks inhabitants, like nudibranchs and anemones. On the way to and from the canyon wall you might encounter leopard sharks or get chased by a curious sea lion.

Once you have dived the La Jolla Canyon during the day enough times to become acquainted with the area, a night dive is highly recommended. It is nothing like a day dive, all in the same place. Squid come out from hiding to mate and lay their eggs and are often chased by sharks and giant sea bass who are looking to make them and their eggs a midnight snack. Octopi move around a lot during the night and become an exciting point of almost every night dive at La Jolla Canyon.

So, join San Diego Scuba Guide on one of Southern California’s best shore dives and experience the unique sea life in their natural environment. Make reservations on our website  Call or Text: (858) 397-8213|[email protected]

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